When are tryouts?

Tryouts normally take place during the February Winter Recess break.

Who can try out for Roc City Ballers (RCB) AAU basketball?

RCB makes boys teams that will compete at various grade levels. Any kid looking to get better and play against high level competition during Spring and Summer are encourage to tryout.

How many kids on a team?

Ideally, teams will consist of between 8 and 10 members.  Certain situations may dictate a different number of players, but the guideline is 8 – 10.

Who forms teams or evaluates the players?

The RCB basketball coaching staff and Directors all evaluate players and form teams.

How long are tryouts?

Currently, tryouts are per grades. Each grade has a tryout period between 90-180 minutes and usually takes place over a 2 day period.  In some situations tryouts could be shorter (ex. Only 8-10 kids in the grade), or longer (ex. Coaches need extra time evaluating certain players).

What are the players evaluated on?

Evaluations are based on basic basketball principles; dribbling, shooting, and basketball drills. In some instances, evaluating could also include team scrimmages or even 1 on 1 competition.

How long before teams/coaches are announced?

Results are typically posted within one week.  It takes time for the staff to compare notes and come to decisions.  It also takes time for RCB to figure out coaching for the selected teams, which typically is done prior to tryouts. However, there are certain situations where it isn’t done until the teams have been formed.  It is the preference of RCB to post all teams and coaches at once if possible. Inevitably, every year, there are teams that are short players or a coach. In some situations, we prefer to recruit a few players rather than cutting many because there are not enough players to form a team. Please be patient. All this takes time.

Why is traveling basketball expensive?

The costs associated with running a traveling basketball association continue to grow. Between liability insurance, gym space rental from the school, and tournament entries for our teams. RCB continues to monitor these costs to ensure we are keeping or expenses in line.

Where are practices held?

RCB practices are held at various facilities in the Rochester area (Henrietta, Fairport, Webster)

How many practices are held during the week?

Each team generally practices once or twice a week depending on facility availability, and or team need.

How many tournaments make up the season?

RCB normally competes in 5 – 7 tournaments during the Spring AAU season depending on grade level.